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(Will update this post with 10 things about Caracas soon!)

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10 Things About Dili (East Timor)

Accommodation in Bagan : Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments
Length of stay : 3 days and 2 nights

1. There are two types of taxi in Dili. The blue one and yellow one. To be more saved, make sure you choose the blue one even though it's a bit more expensive.

2. Agnes and I chose to stay at Timor Plaza Hotel, since someone we know recommend this place because it's save, nice and even there were supermarket, cinema and Burger King in the same area. 

3. There were not many places to be explored, except you want to see more in other island like we did. There are two islands worth to visit, Atauro Island and Jaco Island. We went to Atauro Island for an hour, but it was worth it. I wish I had more time to even stay a night at Atauro. 

4. You can find a city tour by online easily. 

5. If you are a souvenir hunter like me, tais (a traditional woven handmade by Timor's  women) is a must buy item! You can go to the tais market to find a cheap tais or you can ask the taxi driver to Alola Foundation to find a good quality of tais even though it's more expensive. I went to the fabric and I even saw the artist did the tais there. 

6. You'll find so many amazing spots that so instagramable around Cristo Rei! 

7. For a coffee lover pay a visit to Letefoho Specialty Coffee Roaster.

8. Go to a Museum and find interesting story about the country.

9. Caz Bar is what you need if you want a chill time watching sunset near the beach.

10. There are not specific local foods that we can try, too bad.

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10 Things About Myanmar (Yangon & Bagan)

Accommodation in Bagan : Royal Bagan Hotel, 1441 Anawrahta Rd, Nyaung U & Zfreeti Hotel, 5 Thiri Pyitsaya, Nyaung U
Length of stay : 5 days and 4 nights

1. I have to admit, the only thing why I'm in love with Myanmar is because the people are so nice! Their services are amazing and they're very helpful. And I have to say, after Japanese people, in my opinion, Burmese people are the nicest local people I've ever met!

2. Don't expect too much on Wi-Fi here, even in your hotel or some cafes, just buy local simcard either Ooredoo or Telenor for only 4500 - 6000 Kyat for couple of days. It's much easier if you buy it when you arrive at the airport.

3. The easiest transport is taxi. You have to bargain to go everywhere. Ask information desk or people at your hotel, the reasonable price to go somewhere. From Yangon International Airport to the city is about 8000 Kyat. And around the city maybe around 3000 - 5000. In Bagan, from the bus station to Nyaung U is about 8000, to the Airport from Nyaung U is around 5000 Kyat. When you want to explore Bagan, it's easier to rent transportation that is more comfortable for you. You can choose for taxi (half day around 25000), horse cart (half day 20000), or electronic scooter for 10000 a day.

4. You should try local food, especially Mohinga! I think one of the best Mohinga you can find in Feel Restaurant.  In Bagan, you can find food around Restaurant Road in Nyaung U area. But there are many good restaurants in New Bagan area too. Depends where are you staying. Since I stayed around Nyaung U, I can recommend you to try Black Bamboo and Weather Spoon. 

5. If you want to go by bus between cities, I recommend JJ Express. It looks like a business class for bus service. From Yangon to Bagan would cost around 19 USD or 26500 Kyat.

6. Bagan is actually a good place for sunrise and sunset chaser. You can get the best view to see the sun over the pagodas. Pagodas hopping are also good thing to do there.

7. I stayed in 2 places when I went to Bagan. Both were nice and have a good service. If I should choose, I prefer Royal Bagan for their services and Zfreeti for their facilities.

8. If you think Cappocadia is still out of reach, you can think about hot air balloon in Bagan then. I went with Balloon over Bagan. It's worth every penny!

9. Don't forget mosquito repellent! It's such important thing too. 

10. If you want to buy souvenirs, Bogyoke Aung San Market is the cheapest and good place in Yangon, and small market around Lawkananda Pagoda near the riverside in Bagan.

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10 Things About KL and surroundings

So here it is, a new 10 things post finally uploaded!
And I have my own good friend, Andanty Rahmaningtyas as my guest-writer, because talking about KL, she's expert about it since she is living there for almost 5-6 years. She was also accompany me when I had a short trip to KL some years a go, even we went Penang together (just begging her to do Penang list as well :p). So this is the 10 things about KL from her point of view.

Kuala Lumpur might just a quarter size of Jakarta. It look smalls, but actually has interesting places inside! If you only have weekend in Kuala Lumpur, here are the places and things that you can do. But if you have more time, there is much more to explore!

 1. Staying in the city center would be the best.
Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Pavilion Mall is the main area. The best way to go around KL is through their MRT, LRT and Monorail. Prepare your train map before going out. Taxi would be the very least option I would suggest, because they tend not using the meter and over price. Or unless, you book the taxi using the taxi app called MyTeksi. It is a reliable taxi apps to use. And sometimes even you book through hotel, they won’t put the meter on, they will just simply charge you the price. There are also a GoKL busses that can take you around the city center. It is a free bus with wifi inside and they will come approximately 15 minutes once. There are 4 lines, Green, Blue, Red and Purple bus lines (Map is available online). However, it still depends on the traffic which can very bad during weekend.

 2. Hop on Hop Off
If you only have very limited time, Hop On Hop Off is one of the best choice you can take. With RM 45 for 24 hours, it has more than 20 stops you can visit. Including Twin, Pasar Seni, Museums, Istana Raja, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Mosques, etc. Go to the upper deck and feel like a tourist and don’t forget to put the sunblock! :)

 3. Petronas KLCC and KL Tower 
The famous twin tower KLCC! No one ever leave KL without taking picture in the Twin Tower  The best time to visit would be at night because the lights are so beautiful. And you can see the dancing fountain while you enjoying the lights. If you wish to go to the Petronas bridge, the ticket price is RM 80 and you need to book in advance because highly chance to sold out especially during the peak hours (sunset). You can see the whole KL from the 84th floor, but I would say nothing much you can do, except taking picture, because there is no restaurant or viewing deck. KL Tower also give the whole view of Kuala Lumpur and they have restaurant inside. If you have more budget, you can enjoy KL view while having dinner.

 4. Bukit Bintang and Changkat 
The 24 hours nonstop place is located in Bukit Bintang. There are lots of bars and restaurants. From Bukit Bintang you can walk towards to Pavilion Mall. There is a chicken Hainan restaurant called Chee Meng in Bukit Bintang (opposite of CIMB Bank). Their Nasi Ayam served with chicken broth soup is super delicious combine with Ice Lychee would be your perfect lunch in KL.

 5. Petaling Street and Pasar Seni 
Petaling Street and Pasar Seni is the place where you can buy souvenirs. They just located next to each other. Petaling Street is the Chinatown where you can find fake goods, such as bags, luggage and wallets, but bear in mind, don’t bargain if you are not going to buy, because they easily get irritated if at the end you not buying their stuff. Pasar Seni is the place where you can buy Malaysian souvenirs. Apart from that, there are also painters who do caricatures and paintings behind Pasar Seni which can be done in 1-2 hours.

 6. Batu Caves Temple 
Next stop would be Batu Caves. Located a bit out from city center. You may take KTM to Batu Caves from KL Sentral. Please wear the comfortable shoes or sandals because you need to climb approximately 200 stairs to reach the top. And please mind your clothes, because it is a temple, hence you need to wear appropriate clothing. And also, beware of the monkeys! Some of them are very naughty. Last but not least, bring water because you will be very thirsty when climbing the stairs.

 7. Putrajaya 
The Putra Mosque and Steel Mosque (Mesjid Besi) are the must visit places. It surrounded by huge manmade lake. The non-muslim also can go inside the mosque, but you need to wear jubbah (they will provide). I will ask the jubbah when go inside the mosque even I don’t have to wear it  To go around Putrajaya, either you take the one day sightseeing bus tour for RM 15, or rent a bike from Putra Mosque, or you can hire a taxi with a cost of RM 75. My favorite option would be rent a bike!

 8. Mamak Pelita, NZ and Cheese Naan
It would never complete if you visit KL without having a roti canai and teh Tarik in Indian Restaurant or they call it Mamak. There are tons of Mamak restaurant in KL, but the best Mamak would be Pelita Nasi Kandar. Located nearby KLCC, around 3-5 minutes walking distance. Or you can go to NZ restaurant, opposite KLCC (across the Ambank Building). You may have your roti canai and teh Tarik with the beautiful KLCC view at night. If you want to have a different meal in Mamak restaurant, you can go to Cheese Naan RSMY located near Medan Tuanku Monorail station. Their Cheese Naan is superb! They are not stingy on giving the cheese. 

9. Durian Buffet
One of my favorite things in Kuala Lumpur is Durian Buffet! Yes, it is a buffet! You can eat all you want with a reasonable price. Previously was located in Petaling Jaya, SS2, but now they moved to Petaling Jaya SS15. With the price of RM 9, you can eat Durian Kampung as much as you want. If you want a better Durian (I don’t know what is the type or the called), you need to pay RM 15. With RM 15, the Durian taste is like milky Durian. They will cut it for you, so you just sit and enjoy your Durian.

 10. Little India 
Located not far from KL Sentral, you can find lots of Indian shops from sari to banana leaf restaurant. If you are an adventurous person in food, try their banana leaf dish. You can have some dishes that served on top of banana leaf. You can find a good quality of sari and Indian Punjabi dress with good price as well.

Once again, thanks Anty for helping me! :)

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it's been almost a year

It's almost a year a go I'm
moving to this so called island of God. They said, it's a paradise. And I can't agree more.  

I kinda like my new life :)